What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) hosting?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is done to rank a website on the first page. Every content needs SEO to be ranked in the first position on search engines. The owner wants that whenever a user searches a particular keyword of his website then his content should be the users first click.

What is SEO Hosting

Seo hosting in brief

Seo hosting lets you spread your domains in multiple IPs which makes every PBN or duplicate websites unique and different so that search engines will not recognize that those domains or websites are working to power up a specific website. When your websites get links from this unique and different sites it will increase the power of backlinks to your site. In most of the cases, when your site will get backlinks from these PBNs it will automatically appear in the first page of search engine.

How it actually works

SEO hosting is mainly treated as an investment to your site because it gives you back many benefits along with it. It is one of the easiest ways to build your site ranking. When you order a Multiple IP Hosting you will receive a number of unique Class C IP addresses.

Which can be used to create mini websites which will link back to your main website. Then all this link juice will pass on to your main site.

Benefits of SEO hosting

Building a site and adding content in them is not enough to rank them. Making them visible to your visitor is what your consent should be. You should focus that when your visitor search for a particular keyword related your website then your post should first one to be clicked by the visitor.

Whether you are managing a single website or multiple, SEO hosting will work for both. Having multiple IPs will give you the chance to create links between your own sites without anyone knowing.

1. Page Load Time

Visitors and search engines love website who takes less time in loading. It is the important part of SEO and if your web hoster provides fastest page loading time then you should opt for it.

2. Unique and high-quality links

Your site gets the juice links it wants through multiple dedicated IPs which increases the quality of the post and makes it visible in the eyes of search engine. When a website is a host on multiple C Class IPs the search engine will not able to find that all these websites are interlinked to each other. You can manage different IP addresses for various websites from a single account.

3. Location Based IPs

It lets you choose international and local SEO. If you want to target a certain market based on the location then you can have the IP addresses located in relevant regions and it will rank higher then those from outside

4. Great IPs

Most of the SEO hosting provides IP with SSL certificate which in turn gives greater impact to the site. It increases the loading time and SSL ensures the security if the website.

Things to consider before choosing SEO hosting provider-

  • It should be cheaper than its competitors but most of the time cheaper is not always the best.
  • Enhanced malware protection because it is very necessary to run malware and spam protection site.
  • Free domain so that you can run as many sites you want.
  • Easy site builder to smoothen the functioning of your work and build a great website within a span of time. It should be User-Friendliness.
  • Money back guarantees, in case you didn’t like the service you can ask for the refund.
  • Type of web hosting that is whether you want shared or dedicated web hosting service. Shared one is cheap and allows other websites to be on the same server. In the other hand dedicated one will be solely for you and gives you the power to have full control over the process.

Wrapping up

In the world of competition, everyone wants to be the number one and that can be possible by adding great unique content and raking in the first page for the visitors. This can be possible by SEO hosting as it passes link juice to the website without search engine knowledge.

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