How Website Hosting SEO impacts Site Performance?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the effective marketing methods online. The SEO marketing technique improves the website rankings in various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Enhancing your SEO strategy is to help to promote your business market level.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the service that allows individuals or organizations to post a web page or website onto the internet. A web hosting service provides the technologies and services needed for the webpage or website to be viewed on the internet.

Websites are stored or hosted in servers. When the internet user wants to view your website, they have to type your website name or domain name into their browser. After that their computer connected to the server and your website or web pages delivered to them through the browser. Most of the hosting companies required your website’s domain name. If your website does not have the domain, then the web hosting companies will help you to purchase one.

Types of website hosting seo services

website hosting seoTo host your website, there are various types of hosting services available. It is important to ensure what kind of hosting service your website need before signing up for web hosting services. Here, the types of hosting service,

  • Website hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • Collocated coasting

Website builders

It is one type of hosting service that helps beginners who need to host their website. To build your website, the website builder service provides you with an online browser-based interface. And also the website builder hosting service host your website without any additional setup.

Dedicated hosting

You have the entire web server yourself in the dedicated web hosting service. In this hosting, you have faster performance. It allows you to have the whole server resources, without sharing with the other website owners.  But, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the server operation. That dedicated web hosting is great for websites that need a higher level of security or that requires a lot of system resources.

Shared hosting

Your website and the other website owners shared the one server in this shared hosting environment. It includes sharing the software applications and physical server within the server. The shared hosting service is affordable because the operating cost of the server is shared between you and the other website owners. However, it has some downsides such as being slower.

Collocated hosting

In this collocated hosting environment, you have to purchase your server, and you will be responsible for that server. One of the advantages of this service is you have the full control of the web server. If you want, you can install any applications or any script.

Best web hosting provider for better SEO performance

A good quality web hosting service providers offer the function called ‘optimize website.’ This service automatically compressed all your files before sending to the viewers. There will be a ‘optimize website’ button in your panel if your web hosting plan provides this service.

Things you need to know about the web hosting

Nowadays there are so many web service providers and options available. If you are looking for a free web hosting service, it is an important decision.  You should try to identify reliable web hosting services. Identifying the reliable service can be a daunting task because of so many services available in today’s world.

There are many reasons, why some companies or individuals change to the new web hosting providers. It could be due to poor customer service or not enough bandwidth or storage space. Changing the web hosting company is not a hard task, but you have to keep few things in your mind.

Domain name, hosting, and content is the essential things to put your website on the internet. All websites need a free web host services. A web host plan provides you to access the web server, which you can share your all data with the world, and you can store your web files.

Expecting features of the web hosting provider

Email accounts

Most of the web hosting service provider requires users have their domain name. Features provided by your hosting company with a domain name and email account, you can create a domain email accounts.

FTP access

You can upload your files from your local computer to your web server by using FTP. If your website builds by using your HTML file, then you can able to transfer the data from your computer to the web server by using FTP. It allows your website accessible through the internet.

WordPress support

Word press is a powerful website content management system. It is an online website creation tool, which is a convenient way to manage and create a website. Word press support is also essential to your web host management system.

Importance of the SEO web hosting services

In today’s world, most of the business owners are a focus on the visual appearance of their website to attract new customers. If your website not found on the search engine results, then it is not worth to spend money on the website. To get your website on the search engine results, the critical thing to do is find the quality web hosting services. Web hosting service plays an essential role in determining your website ranks on the search engines.

Here, the factors that affect the search engine results,

Website loading speed

Website loading speed can affect your website rankings. Most of the peoples do not have the time to wait one or half a minute for your website to load. They will switch to the competitor’s website to see the content of their site. So, nowadays it is essential to faster loading websites to increase the SEO rankings.

IP location

Server location or IP location also affects the website rankings. Search engines are more likely to arrange the website rankings with their IP address in the same country. So, it is better to a web server in your own country.


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