Why quality web hosting is important for SEO?

SEO refers to the search engine optimization. SEO is used to increase your website’s position on the search engine result pages such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Improving your SEO strategy for your business is a help to increase the customer traffic to your website, and also it helps to grow your business sales and revenue.

Nowadays, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the critical business tools for business owners. Most of the business owners focus on the visual appeal of their website to attract the new customers. If your website is not on search engines, it is not worth to spend all the money on the website looks.

So, probably now you think how to get the website ranked on search engines. To rank your website on the search engine results, it is essential to go to the excellent quality web hosting services.

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There are a lot of web hosting services available in the world. You need to find whether the web hosting provider is the quality one or not? Web hosting services play an important role in determining the website rankings. Here, the factors that affect website rankings,

Website loading speed

A page loading speed or website loading speed affects the SEO ratings. Most of the peoples no longer willing to wait even a single minute for your website to load. They don’t have the time to see the content on slow loading websites. They will go to your competitor websites to look at the contents.

You should control some factors that affect your website loading speed like page size or coding, but most of the website speed depend on web hosting.

IP location

The server location or the physical location of your web hosts can affect your SEO rankings. Generally, search engines rank the website with IP address in the same country. So, it is good for your business to try a web host who has the server in your own country to increase your website rankings.

Server location can also affect your website loading speed. If you are targeting the user in your country, it is better to go to the web host who has the server in your country.


If you have poor website security, then your website has a harmful effect on the website’s search engine rankings. The reason behind it, hackers are easily affected to your website, and they create harmful backlinks and spam pages to the website. If these things happen, Google will penalize your website or drop your rankings. So, before selecting the web hosting services, you should ensure that the host service is acquired with the high-quality security technology options with them.

Poor security or lack of security is the reason for your website affected by malware which can lead your website may show security warnings to viewers or blacklisted. So it is essential to check whether the web host service has the security technologies or methods to protect your website from hackers

Technical support

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If your website goes down, it is important to know how well organized and quality service is your web host provides. You have to make sure that your website host service offers you with 24*7*365 days technical security support.

If you are not satisfied with the technical support, then go one step ahead and ask the experience of technical support staff for help. This will help you to know about the technical security of your website.

HTTPS / SSL support

In SEO ranking factor, Google has specially stated that HTTPS or SSL. So, every website opting towards the HTTPS to protect user’s data in web traffic. If you want to change your website HTTP to HTTPS, you have to go to the web hosting providers to get on with their TSL/SSL certificates. In this certificate, you can ensure that your website is fully working on HTTPS.

That’s why your web hosting services play an essential role in your website rankings. The website ranking is significant for all business to develop their business next level. Checking and making sure the quality of your web hosting is not only an excellent way to SEO, but you have to ensure that your users will have the great experience browsing on your website. There are many cheap web hosting services available. While choosing the service, you have to make sure that service is quality one.

Things you need to know about SEO hosting

If you are new to SEO, you should understand how the SEO hosting works before going to the web hosting service.

Site ranking

SEO hosting service sets up a series of connected websites and that help to increase your website rank in search engines. All the websites are connected through their IP addresses. But these IP address shows as unrelated in search engines.

Understanding C-class

To link websites through SEO hosting, the IP address is the key. All the websites are linked through the C-class or the third set of number. This link connected the website to the server and while presenting the site it allowing you to use the shared hosting.

Optimizing for search engines

Search engine optimization hosting service allows for better flexibility in linking, which is an important component of SEO. If you are building a loop of connected websites that are not visibly connected. Linking between these websites may help to improve the ranking position in the search engines.

Increased customer support

When you are selecting the company for SEO hosting service, customer service is one of the important criteria for your selection. The SEO hosting service should improve customer support.

Site back-ups

Site back-ups are important to every website. A good quality web hosting service should provide regular site backup. In SEO hosting service, Routine backups for the websites is more important.

Website limits

When you are looking for SEO service, you are setting all the possibilities for your sites, domain names and e-mail address. These all connected in a single package. This means not only your first website has unlimited possibilities, but also you can able to use the same service to build a full website.

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